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Derzhavin Tambov State University


History of Derzhavin Tambov State University

The history of Derzhavin Tambov State University dates back to the Alexandrian Institute for Noble Maidens which was established in 1843 and Tambov State University. Tambov State University was opened in 1917 and then reorganized several times until in 1930 it gained the status of Tambov State Pedagogical Institute.

The present Derzhavin Tambov State University, established in 1994, was formed on the basis of Tambov State Pedagogical Institute and Tambov State Institute of Culture.


Brief information about the University

Nowadays about 11 000 students are currently studying at Tambov State University, among them foreign students from more than 64 countries.  88% of the University staff have got academic degrees and ranks, one in five lectures is a Doctor of Science, professor. According to this criterion TSU is in the top decile universities of Russia.

Education at the University is conducted in more than 100 specialities according to the Bachelor and Master programmes. The University also offers post-graduate training. 12 Dissertation Councils that arrange defenses of candidate and doctorate thesis implement the idea of lifelong education and advanced professional training of young researchers. Distance education is being widely used and developed.

There are more than 40 scientific schools dealing with such research priorities as «Industry of Nanosystems», «Information Telecommunication Technology», «Life Sciences», «Rational Nature Management». New promising scientific schools are being developed in such fields as Computer Sciences, Information Security, Medicine, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, etc.

Tambov State University has at its disposal the largest infrastructure in the region: educational buildings, training centres, research and development centres, scientific library, museum and exhibition complexes, university theatre, zoo-botanical garden, Palace of sport, sports and health-improving centre, recreation centre, university television, comfortable hostels.

Material and technical facilities of the University meet the demands of contemporary research and education activities. Moreover, university television, computerized systems of documents circulation and library service are being introduced and developed.

The Publishing House of Tambov State University is one of the largest in the Central Black-Soil Region. Thanks to the modern printing technologies its printed materials are considered to be the leading among Russian institutions of higher education. The Publishing House not only provides students with textbooks, but also issues periodicals, collections of materials of scientific conferences, monographs on various fields of knowledge, carries out joint projects with foreign partners.


Educational services for foreign students

Derzhavin Tambov State University has long-term experience in training specialists for foreign countries. The University offers the following services for foreign students: 

  • Pre-University Training;

  • Undergraduate Programmes;

  • Postgraduate Courses;

  • Non Degree Studies;

  • Short-Term Study Courses;

  • Internship Programmes;

  • Russian Language Courses of Different Levels.


The most demanded degree programmes among foreign students

Most foreign students are studying "General Medicine". The choice of this speciality is determined by such factors as teaching in English or French, status value of doctors and high quality training at TSU.

There is also a demand for such specialities as "International Relations", "Politics", "Philology", "Jurisprudence", "Economy", "Organization Management", "Management", "Human Resources Management", "Mathematics", "Applied Mathematics and Informatics "," Tourism "," Ecology ".


Pre-university training

Many foreign students begin their education at the preparatory department, where they learn Russian and prepare for entering universities according to the chosen profile.  Training is carried out in the following profiles:

  • Humanities

  • Economics

  • Biomedical


Non degree studies

For several years the University has been implementing a non degree programme  in "Philology" for Chinese students. TSU is widely recognized in this project which is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education of the Chinese Peoples Republic.

Special  curriculum is developed for students of non degree studies, which helps to acquire new knowledge  of the Russian Language, Russian Literature and Culture.

The main target of the course is to give students not only theoretical knowledge  in the subject, but also apply it practically. Students participate in round table discussions, conferences and seminars.

On graduation students receive a certificate with the indication of programme profile, learnt subjects, theme of the qualification work and exam grades.


Adaptation of Foreign students

Members of the University staff assist newly arrived students from their first days in Russia. They meet students at the airport or railway station, introduce them to the University and Tambov, put up to the rules of living in the hostel, organization of the training process, rules of obtaining medical aid, different kinds of everyday problems.

The University has at its disposal excellent facilities for creative development of the students such as: university theatre, musical, vocal, choir and dance groups, Palace of sport «Antey», fitness centre «Atletiko», sports and recreation centre, stadium, recreation centre «Galdim», museum and exhibition complexes, zoo-botanical garden,  zoological museum, geological museum, etc.

Adaptation and socio-cultural programme of TSU allows foreign students to become members of multinational students society in the shortest possible time.


Socio-cultural activities

Students’ life apart from training is full of socio-cultural and sports events. Foreign students take active part in various creative contests and sport competitions. The most colourful and significant event at TSU is International festival «Days of national cultures at Tambov State University».


Sightseeing tours

The University organizes numerous sightseeing tours to the historical and cultural centres of Russia. Exciting tourist itineraries help foreign students to expand  their knowledge about Russia and its  cultural heritage. Tours to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, the Golden Ring of Russia, Tarkhani, Ivanovka (Rachmaninoff’s estate in Tambov region), Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Tula, Ryazan are of great popularity with foreign students.